Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Been a Long Time...Shouldn't Have Left Ya...

So...It has been exactly (let me check)...five months and one day since I graced the intertron with my blogging prowess. I know there were MANY of you (maybe five of you) who have been worried about my whereabouts...have no fear, I have been saving my undying and hard hitting literary talents for the great comeback.

I know nobody gives a rat's ass, but I figured if it works for Kanye West then why can't work for me? Stay tuned and get ready, the much awaited return is just about here. All I have to do is get my extensive staff cued up and I will be off and rolling.

Adios Mo-fos!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Old People Love Fredericksburg!

I am just going to go ahead and come out and say that I, WE (Megan and I), went to the quaint city of Fredericksburg this past weekend. I am not sure if you actually can call it a city...maybe town, village, tourist trap; oh well, regardless, it is all semantics. We had an absolute blast and we didn't even get to half the stuff that we wanted to. Anybody that loves food, drinking, art, shopping in general and especially buying other people's "antiques" that you would otherwise identify as other people's crap, will be in heaven (or for all the politically correct, wherever your respective final resting place is set to be).

I am also going to go against EVERYTHING that I hold near and dear to my heart...I was slightly misinformed completely wrong in believing that Fredericksburg is for old people and women who spend too much money. There are a myriad, plethora, sh*t ton, whole bunch of things to do in and around the area.

We arrived in town at around 6:30 or 7:00, went and got the key and arrived at The Fredericksburg Bakery Bed & Breakfast. I want to preface my next comment by making it crystal clear that I/we truly enjoyed our stay at this bed and breakfast. That being said, we are not quite the people for the run of the mill B & B. Megan will agree with me when I say that quilts, random shrub paintings, doilies and general country accoutrement wouldn't be our first or millionth decorating choice. While not our style, we can appreciate things for what they are. Enough about the amenities, we can go back to these again, its time to move on to the food and booze.

Our dining experience, while by no means breaking down the doors of Mr. Zagat's Ratings was right up my alley at The Fredericksburg Brewing Co which was opened up in 1994 following changes in the State of Texas law pertaining to operating brewpubs and known to be the oldest in Texas. While preparing for this little get away, I just figured that the restaurants were going to be like Disneyworld where they turn their patrons upside down and Mickey, Minnie and Goofy scurry around below taking every red cent from you and don't let you down when they have collected their ENTIRE loot...this was not at all the case. In fact the prices all weekend were, in my extremely self-centered humble opinion, very reasonable.

We started off with a nice appetizer of smoked chicken jalapeno poppers accompanied by a papaya serrano sauce. These were some of the best poppers that I have had for one very simple yet always overlooked reason, instead of using the typical pickled japs (Dear NAACP, Mr. Sharpton and Mr. Jackson: It is so much easier to write japs than jalapenos. Yes, it would have been easier to just write jalapenos b/c I have written it twice already.) that are used at Sonic and in those cheap, imitation knock-offs one might find in the frozen food section.

While we were enjoying our appetizer we each ordered the breweries flight which consisted of the five different beers brewed on site. This is by far the best way to order beer at a brewery that you are not familiar with. The five beers, dubbed such titles as "Peacepipe Pale Ale," "Enchanted Rock Red Ale" and "Not So Dumb Blonde," came out in 4oz. glasses and we even got an extra which was a bock that was out of the last keg. While not all of the beers were anything that I would go to the store to buy, all in all they were good. With the exception of the Peacepipe Pale Ale, which was very solid and full of hops, I was left wanting the flavor to complete its journey. I felt like it had a great start, but it just left me chasing the next drink.

For our entrees I had the Shepherd's Pie with red cabbage and Megan had the Brewer's Burger with cheddar cheese and the breaded onion rings, I must say that we were both surprised at how good the food was. The Shepherd's pie with lamb and beef, vegetables and covered with potatoes (and not the crappy instant ones like at KFC!) was very tasty and all of the components were cooked just right and well seasoned. I wasn't a huge fan of the red cabbage that I had, but I really didn't notice it because of how good the pie was. Megan's Brewer's Burger was cooked perfectly, just juicy enough to flood it with flavor but not so that it was greasy or truckstopesque. As you can see with the fact that there isn't one single picture of our meals, Megan and I were deep in the moment before either one of us could think about the camera. Neither one of us wanted to move after the hearty and delicious meals that we had just devoured.

One very interesting thing was the fact that they sold growlers which are 64 oz. man sized bottles filled with the beer of your choice for a cool $38 and refills that only set you back $12 or $15. I have apparently been living under a beer free rock because I had never heard the term "growler"...well at least not pertaining to a means for consuming beer, just for the post consumption of TOO much beer, but I digress. Megan, being the hippy she is graduating from CSU in Boulder Fort Collins, said that these were a mainstay in her fun filled education at high altitudes. She would kill me if she knew that the last 37 letter clusters known as words turned into a sentence of that magnitude, nonetheless the growler was clutch. We may or may not have consumed said growler prior to saying good-bye to Friday, I guess you could call that our dessert.

Wine tasting, tincho drinking, furniture shopping and new friends to be spoken about whenever I get a chance to write up Saturday.

-Adios Mo-Fo

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

My First Blog Ever...

How in the hell is this supposed to be done? What are the rules of blog? Is there an etiquette? This time and one more will be two times that I have "blogged"...is that the correct way of saying that? "Blogged"? Or is it stated "done blog"? I don't know, but if you are a part of the monarchy of blog then you must have taken a wrong turn on the intertron!

I will try to make this as interesting as my little brain will allow. Not that anybody is out there caring, but I will get something out before this day is over even if I have to not get anything done at work.